Client Testimonials

Personality Assessment Evaluations

“Had my very first breakthrough session with Jan, and I must say, Jan has been the most amazing, patient, motivating, and intuitive coach I have ever come across. I cannot imagine how true the evaluation was. So many insights about my traits, syndromes, and personality development that I needed to work on, but didn’t know what it was! She helped me pinpoint those challenges and gave me insightful solutions. I would recommend her any day. This session is an absolute must for every one of us struggling with personal, professional, or emotional issues to understand where we need to change and where our life needs to change! Cannot be more grateful for this. Would pay millions for this level of accuracy and help!”

I would highly recommend Jan.

The Personality Assessment test was an eye-opening experience.
The information that I have I gained about myself though has been truly transformational for me.
Jan was able to use data in specific areas for deep understanding and helped me to reflect and pinpoint some blind spots to be aware of. It helped me to overcome my doubts and become more independent and happy within myself.
Jan is full of energy and has a lot of experience and practical advice to get things moving.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience.



I just finished a year of coaching with Jan, and wow what a year it has been! I saw more growth in this year than I have seen from multiple years of counselors and therapists combined. I have developed intuitive insight, found the strength to walk away from a narcissistic partner and a job that was detrimental to my health. Most importantly I have learned how to love, forgive and appreciate myself and know my soul’s purpose!

When I reached out to Jan I was challenged with loving myself and attracting the things I wanted in my life. With Jan’s help, I was able to reprogram my way of thinking and release the limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me. I really enjoyed our weekly calls and the fact that Jan always made sure to end the call on a good note, even if that meant going over our scheduled time allotted. Now I understand my soul’s purpose and work daily to nurture my soul. While I do that I watch the synchronicities, reaffirming that I am on my path and supported by my higher self.

None of this would have been possible without Jan’s loving support and insight! There are no words to truly express the depth of my gratitude for all the growth I have experienced with your guidance <3

Melissa Mulreed

“I did truly enjoy our coaching session.  I told my friend I feel like I just got off the phone with a friend, yet I was healing old wounds and getting clarity.  I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in just a few weeks. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with you <3”
Melissa Mulreed

“I have found that Jan is everything you want in a success coach, mentor and spiritual teacher.
Her vast experience and know-how is only part of what puts her head and shoulders above the rest.
Like her motto/logo says, “Creating the Unstoppable You”… Jan uses that experience and knowledge to bring out the very best in you and what you have to offer your clients, show you where your mindset needs to be, and shares her insights and resources to make your ideal business a reality.
Jan did all these things for me as I know she can do for you.”
Ruben James

Your talk reminded me of points you raised in our work together and helped me realise just how far I have come since I started working with you.

My divorce finally came through and your three powers really helped me through that process. My son is preparing to go to university and I am preparing for a world tour, starting in India in October. I  am actually doing it! I now try to maintain a focus on abundance rather than scarcity and have found this has given me the confidence to trust that the universe will provide what I need along the way. In the past couple of years, I have started to step into my power and I have noticed that I am starting to achieve some amazing successes. Life is good!

Rosanne Wyatt Bull

 “Jan is a great coach who will give you a lot of information related to personal growth and self-exploration which will make you think for yourself what your own solutions are.

She has amazing intuition that can help you realize what is hidden inside you that you are unaware of. She has experienced in flesh and bone a lot of the issues that I was dealing with and was able to offer me first-hand knowledge on how to get out of a situation that wasn’t working to my advantage but that was difficult to break free from. 

Talking to her gave me the courage. Just entering that space which the interaction creates puts you in a different energy field from which you can see things differently. Words are often unnecessary. It is truly about an exchange of energies, and Jan is wise enough to understand that and know when to remain silent.

Something I like about her is that she won’t let you down when you most need her. And she will become that one trusted person that you can always rely on, even if no one else is around. It’s one of the marvels of the Internet age. And you can always write emails to her and she will read them thoroughly paying very special attention to everything you say.

Just to let you know…
It’s so cool to have a coach, you know? It really feels like I’m making progress in many areas of my life. I’m getting great benefit from this program.

Our sessions are so important and give me so much guidance. So much happens in the presence of your silence and in the silence of your presence. I feel like the DNA gets repaired in the silence.”

Alejandro Basanez


“Jan has been wonderful. Her insights into the obstacles I have created are invaluable. Her guidance has led me to insights that have assisted me to breakdown and breakthrough the SIN, Self-Imposed Nonsense, that plagued me and impeded my progress to successfully accomplishing the goals I set. Her exercises and suggestions about things to research and review are accurate and easy to accomplish. I most appreciate her honesty and equanimity. She allows me to see her as both peer and mentor. This alone prevents the triggers that often come up for me when working with the delicate issues of life purpose and income generation. With her, I am able to work with a woman manifesting her wealth through living her life purpose which is evolving and she is able to be reasonably transparent with her processes. This eases many of my anxieties and I feel more confident after each session that I am on the right path and can both heal the hurts within, create a healthy partnership with my Ego, and fulfill my Life Purpose. The Universe in its infinite wisdom placed us on each others pathway and I am blessed for this. I know that I can accomplish that which I placed before me.

Thanks Jan!”

Philana Crite


“I now have a greater understanding of myself, my business, my money, what I want in my life and the power I have to create it! I cannot recommend the program enough, thank you so much!”

Richie Moore


“Jan has an incredible program that has been put together to help you reach in & pull out the incredible person you are inside and has done so in such a way that it took me only a few short months to overcome some MAJOR mental blocks.”

Benjamin Gray


” I could go on for pages about Jan Shaw! However, I will keep it short and sweet. Jan has an intuitive ability to know EXACTLY what is necessary to transform people’s lives. I highly recommend her coaching program as she can help you see different perspectives about every aspect of their life. Through Jan’s coaching, she connects with people on a deep level to help them create the life they truly desire. What can I say, I was divinely guided to meet this amazing woman and I will be forever grateful.

Jan is a master at her life purpose which is helping others to find their life purpose along with assisting in so many breakthroughs that happen along the way. Some are not even realized until after the coaching when you have an insight that you relate back to her coaching. It’s like an ongoing process that evolves over time. The universe definitely placed Jan on my path. And that is an understatement! Obviously, I can’t recommend Jan highly enough.”

Joanie Morgan


“I worked with Jan for almost a year.  I needed a change in attitude and a plan of action to re-invigorate my business.  Jan helped me develop a positive attitude about my business and to become open to success.  We started with defining my ideal client.  After that, we worked extensively on my interaction with prospects and clients to make the experience about them and my ability to help them.  We also spent time developing a plan of action to bring in prospects for the initial interview.

I highly recommend working with Jan to get you motivated to take your business to the next level.”

Steve Pease



“Jan provided me with one hour of coaching regarding building my financial coaching practice.  She offered a well-paced focus in the session and had even taken a look at my website beforehand.  In that short time, she quickly identified personal roadblocks that were preventing me from growing my business and she made a number of suggestions as to how I could improve my offering, marketing, and social media presence.  She also provided a well thought out proposal on how we could work together in the future to accomplish some of my business goals. One suggestion she made during our coaching session I was able to immediately implement and the result was that I increased the revenue from my typical new client sale by 333% in the first two new clients I met with.”

Allison Anderson

Durango Personal Financial Coaching

“Looking back over my early notes I now realize what an amazing journey I have been on.

This is personal coaching with a difference. Jan is so intuitive that it enables you to open up to the process. I have felt understood and able to freely talk about all issues without feeling judged or inhibited.

I love the fact that the calls were not timed, I have had many a call that has exceeded two hours, if that is what was needed. No call was left with outstanding issues.

Jan is now a lifelong friend and I feel truly privileged to have been lucky enough to have been coached by her.

It really has been the best investment I have made. I have attended a few personal development courses but nothing compares to the benefits of working intensely over a long period for long term results.  It is very easy to leave weekend courses with the intentions of putting into action all that you have learned but day to day life gets in the way and very often little gets adopted. Working with Jan has ensured that I have taken the steps required for change.

I want to thank Jan for helping me learn so much about myself and for setting me on the journey of self-discovery.”

Suzanne Newman


“I was trying lots of things but never getting the success or abundance I was looking for. Jan’s coaching has helped me move out of my old way of thinking/beliefs so that I can move forward. I have made more progress than with anything else and am really believing that I can be successful – and that I am worthy of it. The coaching helps you tackle the beliefs behind the way you behave. It was presented with a real positivity, love, and kindness – at a pace that suited me – working with me, not trying to force me into the coaches way!”

Jackie Ward


“Jan really made an impact on me when she coached me over Skype from the other side of the Atlantic. Her words reached inside and flicked a switch which then empowered me to take back control of a difficult situation which had affected my life very negatively for several months.”

Liz Harwood


“I want to convey to you how much I appreciate your personal/spiritual coaching. At a time of great transition in my personal life, I found great comfort through our sessions, a renewed sense of empowerment and the strength with which to move forward and embrace my life more fully, find my joy again. Our sessions together were well-rounded, touching on several aspects of the wheel of my life which helped me gain a better perspective on my life as a whole: very important to me, thank you!”

AnnRenee Graham

Wings to Wisdom Soul Art Studio

Case Studies

I completed Jan Shaw’s year-long coaching program several years ago. This program consisted of once-weekly coaching.

Jan has an intuitive ability to home in on what is causing areas of your life to not work. She then gets to the core of what is necessary to change those areas. The results are nothing short of miraculous.

I noticed small changes throughout the first couple of months of coaching. Then at about 3 months, I started having aha moments. 

Something I knew prior to coaching with Jan is that I had a very powerful core issue that I was stupid. It is a very dominant core issue with a lot of people. That core issue was so strong I realize now that I created circumstances to reinforce that belief my entire life. I went through a group coaching course many times to get to the bottom of this issue. The course helped me realize that was my issue and helped somewhat to neutralize it. However, it didn’t get to the core of it and make the necessary internal changes so I would stop creating those circumstances. 

Prior to coaching with Jan, I never realized I was giving power to just about everyone and thinking that everyone was better than me in just about every area of my life. For example, I am the youngest of 3 girls in my family. I was taking the “small” role most likely, due to that. I felt like I needed approval from my family for my choices in life. I don’t even think my family was aware of this. Jan asked me if my family ever asked me about different decisions they made or if I approved of their decisions and the answer was no. Jan helped me realize that, in fact, I didn’t need their approval. I am responsible for my decisions and nobody else. That aha moment started me on the road to standing in my power. Which in turn helped negate the belief of thinking I was stupid. Then from there, little by little, I started standing in my power in every area of my life. The internal changes were immense, to say the least. Playing small never served me nor anyone else. My self-confidence has increased by multitudes. I feel stronger inside myself and because of that, I feel that strength projected in my daily life. It’s hard to put into words. It’s an internal feeling that I never had before of finally coming into my true self! I had no idea what that felt like prior to coaching with Jan. It’s not to say that occasionally I don’t feel a little of that old nagging core issue. However, it just doesn’t have that power over me it once did. 

I would also like to add, Jan has the ability to know how you can discover what your life purpose is. By that, I mean what it is you can do for a living that brings you joy and helps you create an income doing what you love. I am now a pet caregiver which gives me more joy than anything else I have done. 

Jan also teaches how to live with gratitude which brings in more things to be grateful for. I absolutely know this works! I could go on and on. I’ll end with… just do it! Start coaching with Jan Shaw and watch your life transform! Miracles are not just big things, they are the so-called little things that change everything!

Joanie Morgan


My Experience with Jan’s Coaching:

Over many years I have been in search of a happier way to live my life. At age 50 I was suffering from extreme depression, wild mood swings and generally was not enjoying life the way I knew I deserved. I am a left-brained thinker, very analytical, organized and punctual to a fault. I was not having success in my business life and at the very lowest point of my life financially.

I have read dozens of books, attended countless seminars, took a six-week class four times thinking that repetition was the key. None of these things made any lasting changes in my life.

In 2010, I had the good fortune to meet Jan Shaw when she was in the early planning stages of the Inaugural Festival of Enlightenment. I had the privilege of working on the festival as the logistics manager. During the months of planning and seven days of the event, I came to know Jan very well and realized that she was on the path that I myself had been seeking. Signing up for Jan’s coaching was a no-brainer for me.

Jan’s process is the only program I have experienced that is completely personalized. Jan takes the time and energy to get to know who you are as an individual and what the forces or influences were that shaped your view of the world. There is no “one size fits all” information or techniques employed. None of the programs I have been involved with go to that depth.

As a result of receiving Jan’s coaching, my life, and my outlook on life, have changed almost beyond description. I am a very young 61 years old, way younger than I was a year ago. I am free of depression for the time since my 20’s. My financial situation has changed drastically because I am now doing what brings me joy. When you do what you like and do it from the point of service you will always be rewarded.

My wife says she loves her new husband and hopes the old one never comes back.

What I liked most about Jan’s approach was I felt like an individual who was cared for as such. I never felt like I was the customer who purchased a product.

If you are truly serious about improving your life and finding true love, joy, peace, and abundance, and are willing to put forth the effort, you can do it with this program.

Marty Morgan



“Outstanding. Very well done. I’ve been studying universal laws and principles for over 16 years and what Jan put together has encapsulated everything that’s out there in a very well put together, organized fashion so that everyone – whether you’re an advanced student of universal laws or a beginner – will be able to grasp the information and integrate it into your life to create a future you really want to live.”

Sylvia H


“ A beautiful experience. I came away with tools that have given me some great insights on how to move forward in the world without the baggage of my past and to create whatever is my highest good and soul purpose with no problems. ”

Christina J.


“ I’ve been studying this stuff for probably 30 years and this is a great seminar. It’s opened a lot of doors for me that were previously closed and I have much more positive feelings about things than I had before I came. ”

Rob A.


“ Jan has put a labor of love into the work and you can get so much out of it. I’ve learned some tools which I can use in my everyday life and that’s something that’s been lacking with the other events I’ve been to. I loved the session! Thank you for doing this work. ”

Kristy K.


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