Sue Ellam is the founder of Soulfully Connecting – a website dedicated to all things conscious, eco-friendly, holistic and organic. Sue invited me to be an author on her website when she launched the site in June 2015 and she recently interviewed me to talk about empowerment, mindset and manifestation.

To get your copy of my FREE eBooks that I mention in the interview, click on the links below:
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Empowered Manifestation

Please let me know what you think in the comments or questions about empowerment, mindset and manifestation.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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