It’s widely recognized that performance coaches are essential for success in sport, but it is rarely acknowledged that people have coaches to help them succeed in business and when facing life challenges.

We look at people like Sir Richard Branson and other highly successful business people and think they did it alone and that they must have super-human qualities to have overcome all their challenges themselves. But, every one of them has expert advisers, mentors, and supporters.

If you want to be really successful, you need to understand that few people achieve success on their own. We all need a support team around us.

Having the support of a coach/mentor gives you insights you would otherwise miss because you are too close to the situation or need a different perspective. When you realize the value of that kind of help in overcoming the inevitable challenges in life and business and are prepared to invest in a coach, just as you invest in other tools, systems, and services, you’ll find that your success increases exponentially and happens much faster.

Ask yourself this critical question, “Do I do this on my own and take 5, 6, 7 or more years to achieve my goals or do I hire a professional who can help me get there much, much sooner?”

Good coaches invest in themselves and their ongoing development so a person who works with a coach instantly increases their access to knowledge and experience that would otherwise take years to acquire.

Typically, my clients are drawn to me because the challenges they are going through are ones that I’ve experienced and overcome myself, so I’m not a ‘textbook’ coach/mentor; my approach incorporates personal experience supported by constant research and lifelong learning.

When you have that level of experience available to you on a one-to-one basis you gain far more valuable resources than you could possibly get on your own.

How to Choose the Right Coach/Mentor for You

Be clear about what you want from your coach and what you want help with. Find someone who has the right background and experience that is relevant to your situation.

Explore their personality. I believe a coach and their client must have rapport, so it’s not just about qualifications and certifications – in fact some of the best coaches are not certified and have no formal coaching qualifications. The important question is “do you feel comfortable with this person, can you trust them enough to share with complete openness and honesty your deepest feelings, what is really going on for you and the challenges you’re facing? Unless you feel completely at ease with your coach you won’t share your deepest fears and secrets which means you won’t get to the root cause of whatever is preventing you from being successful. (That’s most important to me and why I offer a free exploratory session.)

Their philosophy is very important too. Do you want someone who works on a purely logical and material basis, or do you want someone who works intuitively and includes spiritual and metaphysical principles?

Consider this…

  • Are you living the life you desire?
  • Are you using your talents and abilities to reach your highest potential?
  • Are you sacrificing your freedom and giving your power away?
  • Are you settling for less than you desire and deserve?
  • Are you letting negative emotions from past experiences affect your happiness?
  • Are you letting self-doubt and limiting beliefs get in your way?
  • Are you fulfilling your life purpose and soul mission?
  • Are you successfully manifesting your dreams and living life to the full?

If you know in your heart that you deserve more, imagine what it would be like to…

  • Blossom into the powerful creator you really are.
  • Let go of inner baggage that no longer serves you.
  • Celebrate and expand your natural skills.
  • Build unshakable self-confidence.
  • Develop a BIG vision for your life that inspires you to succeed.
  • Achieve life transformations that push the boundaries of possibility.
  • Learn how to manifest the life of your dreams.
  • Have the self-confidence to make smart choices.
  • Learn and apply powerful success strategies.
  • Develop meaningful relationships that bring you joy.
  • Reach your highest potential and LOVE your life.

Perhaps you’ve struggled for years, trying harder and harder and getting no nearer to realizing your dreams. As Tony Robbins says,

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.

So maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

If you sincerely desire to transform yourself and your life from struggle to success, why not start with a free success strategy session with me where you can discover what is truly possible for you and learn how to make it real. Sound good? Then say YES to yourself and head on over to to schedule your session.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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