We’re going through a very challenging time with the COVID-19 situation and the mainstream media is trying to stir up so much fear and panic across not only the US but across the world.

I watched a two-hour video by Magenta Pixie and what she said is that we are currently on a timeline of ascension, as opposed to what used to be a negative timeline. The worst thing we can do is be in fear as it’s not that we revert to the old negative timeline, it’s that we may slow it down because the dark side feeds on negative energy which strengthens their agenda and weakens the strategy and the agenda of the light side.

By focusing on fear, panic, and problems we’re helping the dark side to fight back.

As I think you’ll all agree, that’s the last thing we want to do.

Fear lowers your vibration and that weakens your immune system which makes you much more susceptible not only to the coronavirus but also to other viruses and infections and creates dis-ease in your body. Your body responds to many things, including emotions.

I highly recommended Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief* because it explains how your cells respond to your emotions as well as to chemical influences and so on. So it’s really important to keep calm and maintain a high vibration because as well as keeping you healthy, it also keeps you on the ascension path.

If you need some help with that I recommend that you read my other articles – What is Fear and How to Overcome It and 10 Ways to Stay Positive and Raise Your Vibrational Frequency.

If you start to get a little concerned or fearful about what’s going on in the world, use one or more of these methods to keep your vibration high.

One way to raise your vibration is to focus on gratitude and I’m so grateful that I’m here at this time on this planet to be involved in the huge paradigm shift that is happening now.

I believe those of us who are awake have been hoping for this for many years.

My awakening happened in 2004, 16 years ago, so I’ve been on this ascension journey for many years not seeing signs that it was happening and now I’m seeing many changes happening that are very encouraging under the cover of this COVID-19 pandemic.

This is about a new way of life and it’s happening right now. It’s another reason why I want you to keep calm and raise your vibration because I truly believe we are seeing these changes happening to create a world that we’ve never known before. Because of what is going on behind the scenes, we’re transitioning to a life of far more prosperity and abundance and true freedom. I’m very encouraged by what is happening at the moment and I hope you are too and that you’re as excited as I am about what is playing out at the moment. Focus on that, not on the Coronavirus, focus on being healthy and immune, and keep yourself safe.

Recently, Colorado introduced a stay-at-home policy. To be honest, I’ve been rather a hermit for quite a few years now so it’s not much of a lifestyle change for me!

Again, keep focused on the outcome that we all want and are waiting for with a certain level of impatience and I think you’re going to see an amazing transformation happen.

I can’t wait!

Every Saturday on the Cosmic Creating Show (currently 5-6pm EST) I’m sharing the latest global events and my interpretation of what is happening behind the scenes. You can listen to the live show and join in the chat room at www.cosmicreality.com. If you would like to listen to the recordings you can find them at the Cosmic Creating Show playlist.

*Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you buy the book.

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