Many Law of Attraction teachers promote affirmations as a way of giving attention to what you want to create by stating your intention as if it has already happened.

“I am healthy well and fit.”
“I am prosperous with unlimited abundance.”
“I am in a beautiful relationship with my perfect partner.”

One of the problems with this approach is that you’re engaging the left brain logical mind which often starts an internal argument that says “but that’s not true”. If you use affirmations to try to correct a limiting belief and to convince yourself that what you desire is possible, instead of helping the manifestation you will actually increase resistance to it and push it away.

When you state an affirmation, think of how it will feel to have, be or do the thing that you are wanting as it is the feeling that has the power. It isn’t the words, it’s the energy behind the words that counts.

If you state an affirmation and feel uncomfortable or uneasy it means you’re out of alignment with your intention and the Universe hears what you FEEL, not what you say. This means you are manifesting the opposite of what you want, so only use affirmations to confirm what you already believe in.

The more effort you’re applying, usually you’re trying to overcome what is going on vibrationally with words. When you’re trying really hard, you are trying to use your words & actions & affirmations to compensate for vibrations you didn’t get started on the right foot. So feel good when you do affirmations. The Universe doesn’t hear what you say, it hears what you mean” Esther Hicks (Abraham)

The reason I have reservations about affirmations is that if you already believe in what you want to manifest, then you don’t need affirmations. So use them with care – if in doubt, don’t affirm!

Affirmations are generally used to reprogram your beliefs but there are better ways to do that without creating internal resistance, as I’m about to explain.


Visualization engages the subconscious mind which can’t distinguish between reality and imagination.

Visualization engages the right brain which is the source of your creativity, emotion, and imagination and in your imagination whatever you visualize happens in the present moment. Visualization is like watching a movie that you get caught up in emotionally, so it’s less likely to create resistance – you suspend disbelief.

There have been several studies carried out to test the effects of visualization. Here’s a couple of examples to show how powerful it is.

Close your eyes and imagine a nice fresh juicy lemon. You place the lemon on a cutting board and cut it into quarters. Now pick up one of the quarters, put it to your lips and suck the juice from the lemon. You can taste the sharp acidic tanginess of the juice in your mouth and your mouth starts to water.

That feels real, doesn’t it? It feels like you actually had the lemon in your mouth.

Visualization is widely used in Sports Psychology.

Research has revealed that mental practices are almost as effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.” (Source:

This article at cites many examples of the powerful effects of visualization on athletic performance and states that “the most effective visualization occurs when the visualizer feels and sees what he is doing.”

To get the maximum benefit from visualization, imagine what you want as if you were watching a movie in ‘sensaround’ – in other words engage all the appropriate senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

Really live it – see yourself as the leading actor in the movie playing out whatever you desire.

I’ve used this technique many times for personal and business goals and desires.

Here’s one example of how it worked for me.

When I worked in corporate IT in the UK, I went for a job interview with a very large retail company. The interview was held at their head office, which is a large multi-story building, and as often happens I was asked to wait in the lobby until I was called. The lobby was a large atrium, so from where I was sitting, I could see right to the top of the building and the people walking around on the upper floors.

While I was waiting I shifted my perception from a feeling of unfamiliarity with my surroundings to imagining how it would feel to be entering the building as an employee and making my way up to the office where I worked. I was living the experience of working there, rather than the experience of being an interviewee. This was in the year 2000, several years before I discovered the Law of Attraction, so I wasn’t doing it consciously as a way of manifesting the job, I did it to get a feel for what working there would be like and to assess whether it felt right. (Interestingly, this was before I was even aware of the power of intuition so perhaps this was my higher self at work!)

Well, it worked, because a short time after the interview I was offered the job!

Another time I used this technique was when I was visiting a prospective client for my internet consulting business and again I imagined that the building felt familiar and that I had been there multiple times to visit my client. Sure enough, I signed her as a client at that first meeting.

You create reality through your feelings, and it doesn’t have to be dramatic; in fact, if you try too hard to generate enthusiasm or excitement it will feel forced rather than genuine. Instead, just relax and feel what it would be like to be comfortable and ‘at home’ in the situation you desire to create.

(Extract from Empowered Manifestation)

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