So you want to know how to become a master of manifestation…

That’s a goal everyone who has discovered the Law of Attraction wants to achieve, but there’s much more to it than just deciding what you want and thinking positive thoughts. In this article, I’m going to walk you through how manifestation works and the ten steps you need to take to become a master of manifestation.

Make this approach your default behavior. Have fun with it. Enjoy the surprises, magic, and miracles.

Disclaimer: Instant manifestation is a skill that you will only be capable of once you ascend to the 5th dimension. In the 3-D world, there is a buffer of time between desire and manifestation, which is a blessing given that we are still prone to negative thoughts and it would be disastrous if we instantly manifested the object of those negative thoughts.

How Manifestation Works

You are manifesting right now in a continuous process and your thoughts and emotions transmit energy that determines what you create. Everything in your life is the result of manifestation. You created it. Manifestation isn’t something you switch on and off when you want something. Manifestation is happening constantly and multiple manifestations are happening at the same time.

Change your mind.

change your mind change your life

Replace the habits of thinking that don’t serve you – negative thoughts, your inner critic, limiting beliefs. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions and persist in forming new beliefs & habits of thinking which will create new neural networks in your brain.  It can take as much as a year for those old established neural pathways to disintegrate and new ones to become strong. Conscious manifestation is a way of life, not just a way to acquire ‘stuff’ and it requires constant awareness of your thoughts and feelings so that you manifest what you want, not what you don’t want.

Manifestation happens through the ego and the higher self. When your ego is in charge, you are manifesting from a place of fear, so you get all the things you don’t want or that you’re afraid of. When you manifest through the spirit or higher self you are manifesting from a place of love so you achieve your heart’s desires.
Every thought and emotion transmits energy to the object of your attention.
You are manifesting right now – it’s a continuous process and your thoughts and emotions transmit the vibrational frequency (energy) that determines what you create. You may not yet accept this, but problems don’t exist except in your perception. They are evolutionary catalysts – essential steps to manifestation, path corrections or lessons. There is a gift in everything – you just have to look for it.
There are no obstacles to manifestation unless you create them. It is your beliefs that determine what you manifest.
I recommend two books by Dr. Joe Dispenza which explain how changing your mind will change your life – Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.

Suspend Judgment

Don’t judge any situation or occurrence as good or bad, positive or negative as you don’t know its role in the overall process. The Power of Neutrality is a Universal Law that means everything is neutral until you assign your interpretation to it. I go into more detail about the Power of Neutrality in my article Turn Problems into Catalysts with The Power of Neutrality.
When a tree loses its leaves we accept the situation because we know it’s an essential part of the process of regeneration in the cycle of life. Seen in isolation we might be tempted to judge it as negative and associate it with death. Step into your power by choosing how to interpret a situation and respond to it instead of allowing yourself a knee-jerk reaction to challenging circumstances.
I can’t tell you the number of times that really challenging times in my life have opened the door to a whole new level of personal growth and development, and to a new way of living, so while they might have appeared negative on the surface, they were actually huge blessings.

To manifest your hearts desires you must align with your higher self.

 When you take back your power as a co-creator by developing higher consciousness through mindfulness you work in alignment with universal laws and you can create miracles that defy logic.
Human rules don’t apply to you when you step out of ego into spirit and unleash your superpowers. You move into alignment with the universe and manifest from a place of love and high vibration which attracts more and more positive outcomes to you.
The only thing stopping you from manifesting the life you want is your belief in your limitations, your belief that you are not a powerful creator. Yet you create miracles every day that you dismiss as coincidence or luck. You know how to be a powerful creator but your knowledge has been buried under layers and layers of conditioning into believing in illusory human laws instead of the power of the universe.

You can only manifest what you already have.

Confused? Yes, so was I until I figured it out.
Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
To manifest abundance, you must feel abundant.
To manifest love, you must feel love in your heart for yourself and others.
To manifest peace, you must feel at peace with yourself.
To manifest joy, you must feel ‘in joy in yourself’ (en-joying yourself).
To learn how to develop abundance consciousness, read my earlier article 7 Steps to Abundance – Even When You’re Flat Broke
According to quantum physics, it is our state of consciousness that creates, which is why you cannot change your life until you change yourself.
You are a master manifester but how and what you create have been affected by the conditioning you have received to make you believe that the world works according to human rules instead of universal laws. You believe you are limited when in actuality you are a powerful creator.

The Ten Steps to Master Manifestation

So here’s a short summary of the steps to follow to master manifestation. Apply what you’ve learned above and follow these ten steps and you will soon achieve manifestation mastery.

  1. Believe in the process – expect miracles.
  2. Define exactly what you want – be clear about your intention.
  3. Focus on solutions, not problems.
  4. Believe in yourself and trust that you can and will manifest it.
  5. Be determined to manifest it.
  6. Take inspired action and seize opportunities that will manifest your desires.
  7. Be on the alert for signs that your manifestation is in progress and be ready to act on inspired ideas.
  8. Celebrate and be grateful for each step along the way.
  9. Only allow thoughts and emotions that support your manifestation into your consciousness.
  10. Let go, let God. (Miracles will happen in the most unexpected way!)

empowered manifestationEmpowered Manifestation

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