The Two Levels of Meaning

We can look at how to live a meaningful life on two different levels.

On one level it can be, “I’ve discovered my purpose. And this is the path I’m going to take” from the point of view of what you are here to do.

On another level it can be “I’ve discovered my soul purpose”, maybe through the Dan Millman book The Life You Were Born to Lead, which is who you are here to be. It means that when you come up against challenges related to your soul purpose, you’re not going to beat yourself up and say “you stupid person, you’re making the same mistakes all the time”, you’re going to recognize that, “Oh, I’m going to get these challenges because these are the areas that I’ve come here to work on. So of course, I have to be challenged in those areas, otherwise, I’m not going to complete my mission.”

Your Ultimate Purpose

Your ultimate purpose is to recognize, appreciate, and develop your gifts and use them to benefit others. This applies to both your soul purpose and your life purpose. It’s the combination of BEING and DOING the best you can. We’re given them s we can be of service to others. It doesn’t big things, big roles, it can be just doing whatever we can to uplift other people, help other people – random acts of kindness.

Give people compliments, acknowledge people, be present in conversations rather than let your thoughts wander to what happened last week, or what’s going to happen tomorrow, or what I want to say to this person, rather than really listening to them. Give people attention, quality time – it can be the little things that mean a lot to people.

You can bring meaning to your life in an unlimited number of ways. As I said, they don’t have to be big things, they can be little things.

We’re seeing examples of people stepping up to be of service. There’s a young guy called Scott Presler who’s taken it upon himself to lead teams of people to clean up garbage in places like Chicago and San Francisco where there are so many homeless people that the cities have become filled with trash, discarded needles, even human feces.

He’s stepped up to really make a difference in those areas with a simple strategy of picking up trash, and he’s now getting quite a following and even appearing on TV.

So it doesn’t have to be a monumental project. Just doing small things can add meaning to your life and give you a feeling of joy, really raise your vibration, and give you a reason for living. Just a smile can uplift somebody.

Life Purpose and Manifestation

To reiterate, our life purpose is connected to manifestation. The universe supports us in the fulfillment of that purpose. So, this is why, again, it’s really important to take the time to discover your purpose because that will lead to a meaningful life.

We aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings having a human experience so life is not just about physicality, it’s about spirituality and our higher purpose and what we can do to contribute to the collective consciousness and the collective goal of raising the vibration of people and the planet.

Certainly, that was the higher purpose I was led to and I believe one way of fulfilling my purpose is to broadcast my radio show and provide my guests with a platform to share their knowledge and expertise. I know that because when I stopped broadcasting for a few months, I was feeling a strong inner compulsion to get back on the radio and start broadcasting again.

Similarly, with the Festival of Enlightenment, I felt that I had to provide a platform for these messages to get out to the world, to provide information for people, to educate them, and to help them raise their consciousness. This was in 2011, in preparation for the December 2012 energetic shift.

Your purpose can manifest in many different roles. When I looked back on my life, I saw I was fulfilling my purpose when I was a manager in my corporate career. I was supporting the members of my team, I was helping them develop, become empowered them and achieve their goals and ambitions. So, as you can see, my purpose has been fulfilled in different ways but the core theme has been the same.

Discover Your Purpose

If you want to discover your purpose using the same method that I used I suggest you download my free Life Purpose Formula and also look into your personality profile at The more you get to know yourself, the clearer it will become as to what your journey on this earth is meant to be.

The other advantage is, the better you know yourself, the less you’ll be affected by other people’s opinions of you. You won’t feel the need to compare yourself to others, you’ll just be focused on and committed to the path you’ve chosen. and that is powerful.

In conclusion, I urge you to develop self-knowledge, self-awareness, and discover your purpose. That is really the key to stepping into your power and creating the meaningful life that you want to live.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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