The Power of the Present Moment

We talk so much about the importance of being in the present moment because the present moment is where choices and actions happen. But you must choose and act according to your future vision and goal. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else.

What is happening in the present moment? Are you really making conscious choices in terms of where you are heading? What’s your ultimate vision and goal for your life? And in that moment of choosing, is what you’re choosing going to take you closer to your vision, or is it going to take you further away from it?

Taking the Scenic Route

Bear in mind that the universe often takes us on the scenic route. Sometimes we follow a path that doesn’t seem to lead in the direction that we want to go. I’ll give you an example of that.
I organized The Festival of Enlightenment, which happened in June 2011, and my husband at the time, now my ex-husband, and I came out of it totally broke. Although it had been the most uplifting festival that people found absolutely life-changing, financially it was a disaster for us. That’s when we ended up in Austin, Texas when I started working with the horses on an Arabian horse ranch.

Now, if you look at organizing the Festival of Enlightenment and you look at working on a horse ranch you might think “what is she doing? How has that got anything to do with the path that we all thought she was following?”

Well, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is to incorporate equine facilitation into the work that I do with people, and at the time I didn’t have any contact with horses. So it seemed to be a good move to spend time with horses again. Horses have taught me so much that has helped me with my work with people that, to me, it made perfect sense. I was being taken on the scenic route and, I have to say, without going into too much detail, there was a lot of pressure to take that route. But it took me on a route that was adding to the skills that I use now in my coaching work.

We have to look below the surface appearance and feel what’s really happening.

In manifestation terms, I can feel the universe working behind the scenes. I can feel the cogwheels turning and I have a knowing that something significant is unfolding. When we tune into that feeling, we can approach a situation with a lot more confidence knowing that it is part of the bigger picture and that there is a higher purpose involved. This is important to keep you on track. Think carefully about turning down an opportunity because logically you think “this is ridiculous, this couldn’t possibly be the right thing to do.” You may be missing a great opportunity. Instead, let your intuition lead and your logic follow.

Discover Your Purpose

It’s so important to get in touch with your purpose.

This is one of the aspects that I cover in my coaching and in the online course that I’m working on at the moment. I also have a free workbook – the Life Purpose Formula – that you can download from my website.

By reviewing your life, acknowledging and celebrating all the gifts, skills, talents, experience, and knowledge that you have gained up to this point, and looking for themes running through it in terms of the roles that you’ve played, you’ll reveal your life purpose.

The Importance of Self-Knowledge

Self-knowledge is the key to becoming empowered and living a meaningful life.

Let me remind you of the positive psychology definition of meaning – “Knowing your highest strengths and using them in the service of something larger than you.

People get on the wrong track because they don’t recognize their God-given gifts, skills, and talents; they focus more on what they can’t do than on what they can do. The education system is guilty of this because it puts so much emphasis on getting straight A’s, which puts a lot of pressure on kids to work on their weaknesses rather than developing their strengths. It can really damage their self-esteem because when the focus is on what you’re not doing well then the focus is on the negative.

My view is if we were good at everything, how on earth would we have any criteria to recognize what we’re here to do? The gifts and talents we’re given, and the path that we’re led to follow, are to support our purpose. We’re not given things we don’t need. What’s the point of that? We’re given a set of skills, a toolbox if you like, that is completely in alignment with the purpose that we’re here to fulfill.

That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t have to work to develop our gifts. Musicians are born with a talent for music, but they still have to practice and develop the skill. Our talents and the things that we’re passionate about will still have to be developed, but we don’t feel the inner resistance that comes when we’re trying to force ourselves to get better at something when our heart isn’t in it.

This is why I emphasize the need to connect your mind and your heart, otherwise, as the sayings go, “your heart isn’t in it”, “you’re half-hearted”. And if that’s the case, you’re not going to have the commitment and the persistence to continue following this path when the inevitable challenges come up. And they will come up because the status quo doesn’t stimulate you to change anything. If you’re too comfortable, you’ll just sit still with your feet up.

Self-knowledge is the key to a meaningful life, empowerment, and success. As the Oracle at Delphi says “Know thyself”. That includes doing the inner work to really get to know yourself. As well as recognizing your gifts, talents, etc, you need to recognize your weaknesses, and acknowledge experiences in the past that have created inner wounds and made you the person you are today.
You need to acknowledge your fears, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs in order to heal them.

I had this belief of being “not good enough” for decades, created by circumstances that I’d had in early childhood. It’s only when you bring these things into the light and you recognize them for what they are that you can really start to heal them.

I encourage you to write your story. This is what created a big breakthrough for me, in terms of what I experienced that had been emotionally significant. By learning to develop a different perception of those experiences, the ones that had created negative beliefs about myself, I was able to look at different possible interpretations and see that the one that I had chosen was certainly not the only one and that there were interpretations that were showing the opposite – positive rather than negative. When you start to see alternative interpretations of your experiences, that’s when you really start to shift the negative self-judgment, the inner critic, the gremlins, that have been sabotaging everything that you do.

Know Your Personality Profile

Another recommendation, which I was introduced to in my corporate days, is to explore personality profiling tools. 16 is a free profiling tool based on Myers Briggs (MBTI). It’s a questionnaire that, based on your answers, will reveal your Myers Briggs personality type. You’ll also get a very detailed explanation of your personality and how it relates to different aspects of your life like your relationships, and your professional life. It’s very insightful.

I’ve used several personality profiles and generally speaking, they contain the same themes throughout. By knowing your personality type you gain an understanding of why you like certain things and why you don’t like other things. It’s a great help when it comes to looking into your purpose, and where you’re going to find the most fulfillment and alignment with your personality.

If you’d like a copy of the Life Purpose Formula you can download it here.

This article is an edited extract from the transcript of the Cosmic Creating Show on December 14th, 2019. You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE and listen to the show on YouTube.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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