The Law of Attraction is not only a statement about attraction, but it is also a suggestion for how we should think about situations in our lives. In particular, it urges us to think about abundance, rather than scarcity. For illustration’s sake, consider the following four situations. Decide whether you have an abundance or scarcity mindset.

  1. You’re deciding whether to help out a business associate with a new project she has in mind. You know that it has the potential to be successful, and you know that you can help her to implement it. But, ultimately, you decide not to do it. You decide that a small part of your customer base overlaps with hers—and you don’t want to lose even a single customer to her.
  2. You’re deciding whether to start an affiliate program to promote your new product, but you’re discouraged by the fact that you have never done this before. Instead of seeking out help, you decide that it probably won’t work out, so you don’t do it.
  3. You just started a new business. You want to rent an office so that you have a place to send your employees. You know that this is a big risk, but instead of letting this bog you down, you refuse to view it as an obstacle; and instead push forward, determined to make it work no matter how hard it may seem initially.
  4. You’re deciding whether to do something nice for your husband/wife/partner. You know that you could make her life easier by doing this favor for him/her, but you ultimately decide not to. Instead, you decide to hold off, so that you can offer to do it as a bargaining chip for something in exchange.

After reading these examples, can you see the difference between an “abundance” mindset and a “scarcity” mindset? Can you see how the Law of Attraction directs you to think and behave in a way that will generate reciprocity and kindness from others?

And, furthermore, can you see how following the Law of Attraction directs you not to worry persistently about being taken advantage of and not to live your life with the goal of extracting every last penny and favor from everyone else, while doing nothing for them in return?

These are important things to see and to understand about the Law of Attraction if you ever want to practice it successfully, and reap the rewards that it offers.

How Do You Know It Works?

Many people suggest that you shouldn’t focus on whether the Law of Attraction is working. You shouldn’t work on thinking positively and maintaining an abundance mindset to generate better results for you.

But I disagree. As with all things you do in life, business, and personal relationships, it’s important to evaluate whether or not what you are doing is actually working so that you can refine your approach.

This is also true with the Law of Attraction, no matter what people tell you to the contrary.

How can you do this?

Start by setting a trial period. Give yourself, say, 3 months. In this period of time, commit yourself to practicing the Law of Attraction.

During this trial period, don’t let anything stand between you and your goals. Think positively and focus on achieving those goals, rather than focusing on the things that can prevent you from achieving them.

Also, during that trial period, adopt the “abundance” mindset. Don’t worry about “winning” every social interaction; and don’t focus on extracting every last dollar from your customers, your business partners, and your friends.

In short, behave as you would if you had already achieved your goals. If you were as wealthy, attractive, likable, accomplished and intelligent as you wished to be, would you be scraping for every last dollar? Of course, you wouldn’t. And, if you ever want to get there, you shouldn’t behave this way, either.

So, give yourself a trial period of 3 months, put your all into it, and see what happens. I guarantee that living abundantly, thinking positively and constructively, and giving to others without expecting something in return will transform your life, your business, and your relationships in a positive way.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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