So you’ve nailed your mission and purpose. You’re putting things out there. You’ve started taking inspired action, but you’re not seeing results.

You feel like you’re wading through treacle and not getting the messages from Spirit to guide you along the way.

Don’t despair!

time lagRemember that in our current dimension there is a built in time lag which safeguards you against the instant manifestation of your negative thoughts/doubts. The Universe is just asking “Are you sure?”. This works on two levels.

Are you really sure you want that dream of yours?
Are you really sure you want to manifest that fear you just thought and felt?

We live in a loving Universe so until we reach the level of consciousness where all thoughts are love based (i.e. 5th dimension) we have an insurance policy to protect us from our own self-destructive thoughts.
Thank God!

Imagine if we instantly manifested all the doubts and fears that we are working to release. We’d be long gone by now, or living in such a desperate state that doesn’t bear thinking about.

When it comes to our dreams, they are stretching us and taking us out of our comfort zone. Are you fully committed to take on the challenges that are involved?

You may feel like the whole process of manifestation has ground to a halt.

Where you go from here is up to you

You can give up or go on. You can believe that your mission or dream isn’t possible because it isn’t happening quickly enough, or you can go inside and ask yourself:

  • Am I doubting this?
  • Am I fearing this?
  • Do I really want this?
  • Am I acting on my inspired ideas?

I came across a wonderful book recently which really underscores the impact of doubts and negative thoughts and what to do about them and is an example of what I teach in the Empower Your Life – Achieve Your Dreams Blueprint.

Here’s a short extract (the book is ‘Re-member’ by Steve Rother who channels ‘The Group’)

Here is the typical scenario: An event enters your field through your eyes and ears. You judge it as a setback. In an attempt to understand how this could have happened, you begin to verbalize it again and again. Here the cycle is set into motion. As you speak it, the vibrations of your words reflect your judgment of it as a setback. As these words leave your mouth, they travel around your biology and find their way into your own ears. As this vibration enters, it becomes amplified and is sent out to the universe as a Co-Creation. As we have spoken before, the universe has only one answer to any request put to it. That answer is: “And so it is.“ What began simply as a misperception is now a reality because you have just Co-Created it.

What to do about it:

A Posture of Gratitude We ask you first to consider applying the immediate posture of gratitude to all events as they enter your field and reserve judgment for another time as to “Good“ or “Bad.“ See yourself as playing the Game. Feel the excitement and anticipation as it becomes your turn to draw the card and make your move. If the card you drew appears to be a setback, allow your first thought to be one of gratitude that it is your turn to play. When you intend to move into your joy, do you watch for outside influences bringing that joy? Perhaps it might be the path of least resistance to find the joy in the things already within your field. It is this slight adjustment of perception that holds the key to higher vibration. Know that there are no “wrong“ moves on this Gameboard. Please re-member that it is a Game to be enjoyed.
Each event that enters your field contains “The Gift.“ Each of these events has within it the seeds of growth that will take you to your highest expression of the Spirit. Find “The Gift“ and you find your true power. Find your power, and you are in your joy.

Anchor in the Present Moment

The key is to anchor yourself in the present moment and apply the Power of Neutrality, which is to suspend judgment and look for the gift.

If you’re reading this and feeling frustrated, anchor yourself in the belief that everything is ok and as it should be. You are safe and loved and you are not alone. Feel the presence of spirit and ask your higher self for advice. Ask the angels to remove any doubts, fears, belief in lack and scarcity and any negative energy from your energy field.

Daily Practices

I’d like to share a couple of great exercises to do each day to harness the power of intention and connect with your Higher Self:
The first is from the book I’ve already mentioned – ‘Re-member
At the beginning of every day, sit in silence with your thumbs touching your two middle fingers. The moment you do this, you should feel a tingling on the back of your head or neck as the electrical connections complete the circuit. Call on the part of God that is within you and allow a moment to strengthen this connection. Next, allow only thoughts of the greatest of possibilities that await you during the day ahead. See them unfold with spirit always at your side as your partner. See the doors as spirit magically opens them in front of you. Let your mind play with the possibilities. Have fun and return to the state of vivid dreaming you were given as a child. Everything is possible in this state. If there were no restrictions and you were given any wish, what would you create for yourself this day? Do so now. Do this for a minimum of 26 seconds.
If at any time you find negative or fearful thoughts entering your field, release your fingers, take three deep breaths and start again. During your day, whenever you are presented with challenges or adversity and feel your energy unbalanced, use this tool to enter this state once again. Just connecting these fingers will instantly call spirit into action to balance your energy. What you will find is that, with practice, you will quickly develop a powerful tool to use in any circumstance.  

The second is from a post by Suzanne Lie at
Suzanne Lie: Mytre, The Pleiadian – Creating Multidimensional Thought-forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension

We recommend that you find a time, even if it is not at the top of the day, in which you can take at least 15 minutes to tune into your SELF. If you can establish a ritual, such as:

  • Go to the same place at the same time
  • Bring some means by which you can write your experience
  • If you enjoy music, play some soft music
  • Read something spiritual for a moment to “shake off the 3D”
  • Close your eyes and reflect on what you have read
  • With your hands on the keyboard, or your pen in hand on the paper,
    relax and breathe into a higher/relaxed state of consciousness
  • To get started, you can always write something like:
    “Dear ONE, (Higher SELF etc.) Do you have a message for me NOW?
  • Relax and release all expectation or thinking
  • Allow the pen to write, or your hands to move on the keyboard

If you stay with that simple plan, you will gradually build a personal relationship with your Higher SELF. It is helpful to do this exercise at the same time and same place every time.

If you can maintain this commitment every day for 21 days, you will create a “habit.” Then, if you skip a day you will “miss that time with your SELF.” You will also realize the importance of keeping your promise with your SELF.

Remember that you are a powerful creator and remaining in the energy field of positive creation requires practice. It’s part of the ascension process. No-one has it off perfectly in all areas of life. It just requires practicing control of the thoughts that you allow to remain in your consciousness and the associated feelings.

Recognize and work on releasing your doubts and fears and you’ll start to see your manifestation becoming faster and easier. Deal with what’s going on inside and you’ll see the results on the outside. In the process, you’ll be fulfilling your soul mission of moving to a higher dimension of being.

If you’d like some help getting unstuck, book a FREE Discovery Coaching Session.

Footnote: The link to Steve Rother’s book is an Amazon affiliate link which helps support my work.

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