Empowered creation is the manifestation of desired outcomes and it is a process that has fascinated me since I stumbled across the Law of Attraction back in 2008.

I remember feeling inspired and uplifted when I discovered the Law of Attraction early in 2008. It was at a highly emotionally challenging time in my life when I had all manner of family issues coming at me, a husband unable to work because of physical problems and we were in serious financial difficulties, deeply in debt with very little income. We had cashed in our few investments and were living day to day using our credit cards, trying to maintain an image of affluence and success.

The concept that we are responsible for the world we create and our outcomes was completely new to me. Like most people, I had been taught that circumstances happened ‘out there’ and I had to deal with them. But I had reached a point in my life when I felt so beaten down by circumstances that I had to find another way, a better way, of living. I was working really hard and getting nowhere. I guess a lot of people get to that point and it’s either make or break, give up or go on.

The Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie ‘The Secret’ seemed to be the answer. Just think positively, use affirmations, visualize my dreams and create a vision board and everything I desire will magically fall into place.

Unfortunately it didn’t work that way for me, and I suspect it doesn’t work that way for most people. I was working hard on keeping a positive attitude, keeping a journal, writing affirmations till the cows came home but I was still in debt, my husband was still miserable and sick and I was still dealing with crisis after crisis in my family.

Did I lose hope? No!

I intuitively believed in the process. I had to discover more about how it worked and, most importantly, make it work for me. From that point on I embarked on an amazing journey of discovery about how manifestation – empowered creation – really works and I also discovered my purpose which is to teach others about my findings. The story from then until now has been an amazing adventure of discovery which led me to a new partnership with my twin flame Bill, to life on a new continent when I moved from England to the USA and to the most challenging experiment to manifest the 2011 Festival of Enlightenment and the aSmilingWorld organization from nothing.

Since 2009, Bill and I together have been through the highs and lows of manifestation and our research and personal experiences have taught us the intricacies of the multi-dimensional nature of manifestation.

We don’t have the space here to record the full in-depth details of what we’ve discovered about the process of manifestation, so I’ll focus on the 7 essential factors that the Law of Attraction doesn’t cover which will give you a greater understanding of how the Universal Law of Creation works, and how you can apply these principles to achieve your dreams and fulfill your purpose.

Factor 1 – Your Purpose

Manifestation works in conjunction with your purpose – that’s life purpose and soul purpose. (I describe the difference between these in my article at Life Purpose – How To Live It… and Get Paid For It!). In a nutshell, Life Purpose is what you DO and Soul Purpose is about BEING and your spiritual development in this life.

This basic principle to recognize is that the Universe won’t support you in going down a path that is not in alignment with your purpose. That would be counter-productive wouldn’t it? So if you’re hitting a brick wall with your manifestation, perhaps you need to step back and think about WHY you want to manifest that desire. Does it align with your life purpose and soul purpose?

Factor 2 – Consciousness

Your ability to manifest your desires is linked to your level of consciousness.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are a lot of people with a super talent for manifesting what they don’t want and seem to be incapable of manifesting what they say they do want.

The journey to consciousness involves distinguishing between the thoughts in your head that originate from the ego versus those that come from your Higher Self – your spirit.

The ego is the source of your doubts, self-criticism, fears and lack of self-worth. Given that you get what you focus on, if your thoughts are controlled by the ego you will create all the things you fear, want to avoid and definitely don’t want more of. The thing is, manifestation works 24/7 so if your head is filled with all the stuff you’re trying to get rid of, you’ll just get more of the same.

Factor 3 – Belief

Speaking of belief… you have to believe on 2 levels.

You have to believe in the process of manifestation and you have to believe in the possibility of having the thing that you desire.

When we were working on creating the Festival of Enlightenment, we were inundated with people who wanted to be involved because they liked the idea of the process of manifestation, but when it came to the crunch their logic and conditioned beliefs took over and persuaded them that it wasn’t possible. They focused on the obstacles instead of the outcome. They weren’t yet at the level of consciousness that allowed them to let go and BELIEVE that the impossible was possible.

So, the key message here is that you have to believe that manifestation works and that what you desire is possible.

Factor 4 – Vibrational Frequency

Back to the quantum physics… and the concept of ego v spirit.

Here’s the deal. We’re all schizophrenics! We all have the ego and the Higher Self, or Spirit self in our consciousness. It is our soul purpose to move from ego into spirit and by doing so we raise our vibrational frequency.

I used to think that manifestation was about our positive vibration attracting other positive vibrations (or negative attracting negative) but I’ve discovered this is too simplistic for the complex universe we live in.

We live in a multi-dimensional universe but on Earth we largely have a 3-dimensional experience. As we raise our vibrational frequency we start to tune into other dimensions which is where we really step into our creative power.

Our ability to create depends on our ability to tune into our intuition, our connection with the Divine so we take inspired action rather than logical action. (I talk about this in my article at Inspired Action – The Empowered Way to Achieve Your Purpose.)

When we are in the flow of empowered creation we put intuition in the lead role and logic takes the supporting role.

Factor 5 – Self-Worth

This is a biggie.

When we fail to manifest it is most often due to our lack of self-worth. We have BIG dreams but our sub-conscious mind carries a lot of baggage that means in our heart we don’t believe it is possible for us to achieve those dreams.

That doesn’t mean our dreams are hopeless – it just means we have work to do to change our perception of ourself.

Factor 6 – Timing

We live in a world of instant gratification and if we don’t get what we want in what we consider to be reasonable timescales we get discouraged or downright p—-d off!

This was a real eye-opener for me. As a child I had obsessed with wanting a pony, pretending to be one, visualizing myself riding and grooming my dream pony. If the Law of Attraction worked as it was presented I would have had a herd of horses in my back yard. Not so. I manifested my horses at the point that they played a significant role in my purpose and not before.

Factor 7 – Awareness of the Process

When we send out our desire to the Universe it’s like placing an internet order. Your order will be acknowledged and you’ll get messages to tell you it is being processed. You need to be aware in every moment and looking for signs – signs from the Universe that your manifestation is in progress. You’ll get messages from the most unlikely places and synchronicities that will bring you people and opportunities that move you in the direction of the manifestation of your desire.


Our ability to manifest is linked to our purpose and level of consciousness and goes much deeper than attracting more stuff on a materialistic level.

If you’d like to learn more about Empowered Manifestation and go beyond the principles of the Law of Attraction, you can get my Empowered Manifestation eBook (5* rated on Amazon) at www.empoweredmanifestation.com with a bundle of bonus goodies including a Prosperity Meditation to get rid of those pesky scarcity beliefs.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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