Spirituality and quantum physics agree that consciousness creates.

To create abundance you need to develop abundance consciousness.  Quantum physics has proved that consciousness affects matter, in other words your thoughts (energy) determine what you create in the physical world.

Furthermore, it is your beliefs on which your thoughts are based that create the circumstances in your life. Change your beliefs and you change your life from scarcity to abundance.

From a spiritual perspective…

Jesus said, ” Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24

Eckhart Tolle in ‘A New Earth’ (p305) states “You cannot manifest what you want; you can only manifest what you already have”.

So if I want to create abundance in my life I have to have abundance already?

This creates a seemingly insoluble paradox. How can I create something if I have to have it in order to create it, and if I had it already I wouldn’t need to create it, would I???? Aaargh!

So what does this mean in practice?

It means that you can only create what is already in your consciousness, so to create abundance you need to develop abundance consciousness.

The problem is, how do you develop abundance consciousness when your bank account is empty or you feel like there just isn’t enough money to pay your bills?

The Catch-22 of Abundance Consciousness

Needing abundance doesn’t just apply to money, it affects other aspects of your life too – time, energy, food, in fact, all kinds of resources… everything!

Feeling stressed and worried about whether you can pay your bills and keep food on the table drains you of energy and you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to create what you need.

You work harder and harder but feel like you’re getting nowhere, or you live on the roller coaster of feast and famine. All the time you are feeling that there’s just ‘not enough’ – you’re suffering from scarcity consciousness.

(Having suffered years of scarcity consciousness, hitting rock bottom in 2012 with no money, no food, no car, and on the verge of eviction from the motel I was living in – believe me, I understand your frustration!)

Even if you’re aware of the law of ‘conscious creation’ (often referred to as the Law of Attraction) and you tell yourself to focus on abundance, deep down you still don’t believe you have abundance and you think creating abundance is hard.

7 Steps to Abundance Consciousness

To move from scarcity (or lack) into abundance you have to start feeling abundant in order to create abundance in your life.

That might seem impossible to you right now when your consciousness is filled with the belief that you are lacking, but it’s not. It just requires a change in thinking about your present circumstances.

I’m going to focus on financial abundance here because lack of money is usually the prime cause of scarcity consciousness.

Practice these 7 steps and you will change your consciousness from scarcity to abundance.

You need to do this repeatedly to make a permanent change (so that this way of thinking becomes second nature to you), but you will start to see results almost immediately. You will be aligning with the Laws of the Universe, and specifically with the Law of Creation.

Step 1. Be grateful for everything you have now

Make a list of everything you have to be grateful for; tangible and intangible, material and spiritual. Don’t just do it once. Do it daily.

Be grateful for the money you have, no matter how small the amount. Even finding 1 cent/1 penny is adding to your abundance and you should receive it with gratitude.

Express love to God/Source/The Universe for providing this resource to you. Bless the money that you have. Open your arms to receive more. This brings an energy of expansion to your money.

Step 2: Feel grateful when you pay your bills

Paying bills is often done grudgingly and all you see is your bank account shrinking. Instead, when you pay your bills, focus with gratitude on what you are exchanging the money for; electricity to enable you to have light, power, etc., water which is vital for life, groceries to provide an abundance of food to nourish you and your family.

So often we grumble about ‘bills’ and take for granted the fact that we have running water when we turn on the tap/faucet. We would soon complain if we flicked the light switch and remained in the dark.

Utility bills, especially electricity bills, are a perfect representation of the function of money. It is an energy exchange, so when we pay our utility bills we are exchanging one form of energy for another, one form of ‘currency’ for another.

Be grateful for the ability to pay and go through the process of paying them with the attitude of empowered choice. Even if you aren’t able to pay all your bills at once, pay the most important one(s) and remember that you are paying them by choice; when you choose and in the order you choose.

Feel the power of managing your money to extract the maximum benefit from your resources.

Step 3. Stop seeing money as the only means of acquiring things

When you want to manifest something material in your life, focus on the outcome and don’t assume that money is an inevitable part of the process.

As soon as you focus on the cost of something you risk moving into scarcity consciousness and your logical mind will start to think of objections and obstacles to achieving that outcome.

So, for example, if you have a bill to pay, focus on paying the bill (the outcome), not on the amount of money you need (the means) to pay the bill.

By focusing on the money, you also limit the infinite ways this desire of yours could be delivered. Keep the outcome uppermost in your mind and be open to any means of achieving it.

When you focus on outcome, you allow the Universe to work out the means of delivering it. If money is required, then the money will manifest, but it’s not up to you to decide.

Step 4: Remove the terms “debt” and “I can’t afford” from your vocabulary

Words are the physical manifestation of thoughts, thoughts are energy, and energy creates, which means it is very important to choose the words you use very carefully to ensure that they represent the outcome you want.

The word ‘debt’ is associated with a lack of abundance and is a very heavy, low-frequency word that drags down your energy to a low vibrational frequency.

Instead of focusing on debt, think of the amount you owe as an account you are in the process of settling. This introduces flow back into the process, rather than the ‘stuck’ feeling associated with the word debt, and imbues the situation with positive energy.

Similarly, “I can’t afford” is another way of saying “not enough” i.e. lack.

Replace this phrase by saying to yourself “I choose not to have (fill in the blanks) at this time because I have more important uses for my resources”.

This changes your energy from lack to empowered choice, and it doesn’t mean you can’t have the thing you desire, you’re just waiting for the appropriate time to acquire it.

This allows space for the universe to deliver it in the appropriate way, at the appropriate time, with or without money being involved.

Step 5: Accept that money is a currency and is meant to flow

Money comes in, money goes out. Money comes in, money goes out.

This is how currency is meant to work. Money has no inherent value. It is only when it is exchanged that it turns into something usable and practical.

When you resist the idea of money going out and see your resources (bank account) shrinking, you’re denying its true purpose.

Money is a means, not an end. Currency implies movement rather than something that is static.

When you turn on the tap/faucet and allow the water to flow you’re not afraid because you know/trust/believe that more water will be there when you need to turn on the tap again. Approach money in the same way. Believe that more money will be available when you need it.

Step 6: Shift thoughts of fear and scarcity about money

This process replaces your negative (scarcity) thoughts and beliefs about money with a positive belief in abundance. You are retraining your brain to eradicate negative and fearful thoughts and replace them with empowering thoughts that create the outcome you want.

When negative thoughts arise they are always accompanied by negative feelings and when you tune in to your feelings you can detect a negative thought is on its way just by the way you feel even before the thought fully materializes.

When you feel a negative thought is on its way, bringing with it a fear, scarcity or “not enough” mentality, shift to a positive thought and feeling with a mantra of your choice. I use LJPA (Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance) because I’m then focused on what I intend to experience instead of fear, pain, conflict, and scarcity.

Although the speed of thought creation makes it seem like we have lots of thoughts at once, the brain can only create one thought at a time so by repeating the mantra over and over to yourself you’re stopping other thoughts from being created. Continue until the negative feeling has subsided.

Step 7: Stay in the present moment

This is a universal principle that you should apply at all times.

When you are in the present moment you are dealing with what is, not what was or what is yet to be. Regret is living in past negativity and fear is living in future negativity.

Regretting the actions and decisions that have led you to this point is only a benefit if you learn the lessons from them, but you can’t change the past.

Fearing what might happen in the future is a ‘false expectation appearing real’ and, as I explained at the start, the laws of quantum physics will cause you to create the thing you’re afraid of.

If you’re experiencing the present moment you’re alive and conscious! Say to yourself, “In this present moment I’m perfectly OK” and then “What is the smallest step I can take to improve my situation?”. By focusing on the solution, not the problem, you’ll have inspired ideas and the right opportunities and people will present themselves.

Remember the drowning man…

A man’s boat had capsized in the ocean and he was in the water praying for help. “Dear God, please don’t let me drown.”
Another boat pulled up and offered to pick him up but he declined saying, “That’s okay, I know that God will save me.”
A second boat came by and again offered to pick him but once again he declined saying, “Thanks, but I prayed to God and I know that he won’t let me drown.”
Left alone in the ocean, the man finally succumbed and drowned. He died and went to Heaven. Upon his arrival, he asked God, “Why didn’t you answer my prayer to save me from drowning?”
God replied, “I sent two boats to save you. What more do you want?”

Be on the alert at all times for help from the universe – it is always there but you have to believe it to see it!

Expansion is the Natural Law of the Universe

If you are ‘flat broke’ now it is because you have focused on scarcity and lack of resources and when you believe you have nothing, that’s the condition that will persist.

When you focus on gratitude and appreciation for the abundance you have now, no matter how small it seems, you generate an energy of expansion.

This energy of expansion opens you up to receiving and keeps you in alignment with our ever-expanding universe.

These 7 steps outlined above are proven practical ways of changing lack into abundance and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the universe will respond to your change in consciousness.

The more you feel genuine loving gratitude for everything in your life, the more the Divine Universe showers you with blessings and abundance.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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