I’ve been reading Gregg Braden’s book “The Divine Matrix” which is a very interesting book about spirituality, quantum physics, and manifestation*.

I’m going to share a powerful example of manifestation from the book and the 2 magic words that resulted in manifesting miraculous healing. Gregg tells the story of how he watched the miracle on film, which lasted only 4 minutes.  (The story starts on page 118 of the book if you want to read the whole thing).

The miracle happened in a clinic in Beijing, China and the woman concerned had come to the clinic as a last resort as she had a life-threatening tumor inside her bladder which Western doctors had said was inoperable.

The woman was lying on a hospital gurney, awake and fully conscious, and had been given no sedative or anesthetic. An ultrasound technician was creating a sonogram to view the tumor on a screen and there were three practitioners performing the healing.

The practitioners had agreed on words that would reinforce a special quality of feeling inside their bodies and apply one of the principles of manifestation – “make your future dream a present fact… by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled” – the practitioners’ emotion was of the woman already healed.

The Chinese practitioners repeated their chosen words like a mantra, which loosely translates into English as “already done, already done”.

At first, it seemed that nothing was happening then suddenly, on the screen, the tumor started to quiver in and out of view. Within seconds, it faded and then completely vanished from the screen… it was gone. Everything else was visible on the screen except the tumor that had threatened the woman’s life.

What this miracle demonstrates is the power of intention, the power of emotion, the power of the present moment and the power of words. Although these words were used to heal a tumor, they can be used to manifest whatever you want, accompanied by the feeling that your desire has already manifested.

Try it!

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* I receive a small commission if you buy this book after clicking through from the link I provided

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