Everything in the Universe is energy, so raising your vibrational frequency is one of the key factors in manifesting positive outcomes. Even with the best of intentions it can sometimes be hard to stay positive when you’re exposed to the chaos and negativity in the world. Be on the lookout for those things that get you down and do something uplifting to counteract that yucky feeling.

Here are 10 ways to protect yourself from negativity, raise your vibrational frequency and power up your manifestation.

1.     Neutrality

The Power of NeutralityThe Power of Neutrality™ is a universal principle and one of the most powerful tools for raising consciousness and maintaining a positive outlook.

The definition of neutrality is:

“Every situation is neutral. It has no meaning until we assign our interpretation which can be positive, neutral or negative.”

Instead of allowing circumstances, relationships or events to throw you into a funk, step back and assess the situation from a neutral position of acceptance. Then choose either a neutral (it’s trivial, unimportant or I can’t change it) or a positive (even if I can’t see anything positive in it right now, I know it will turn out perfectly) interpretation and response (focused on the outcome you want).

Even everyday things like sitting in a traffic jam can affect your vibrational frequency. In this situation you can choose a neutral response (I can’t do anything about it, I’ll just wait patiently and not get upset) or a positive response (I get more time to listen to the radio or an audio book, do some quiet contemplation, focus on the traffic jam clearing etc.) rather than getting frustrated and angry at the delay.

Remember, manifestation happens all the time and if you get stuck in the mire of the problem, you are manifesting more of the same. So focus on the solution you want and you’ll manifest that outcome. This is as important for world events as it is for personal situations. The chaos that we see around us is a sign of major change for the better. So many people have awakened as a result of the chaos in the world, so by focusing on positive outcomes, you’re adding to the collective consciousness and creating positive change.

(I wrote an earlier post about the Power of Neutrality and how to turn problems into evolutionary catalysts – stimulants for our personal growth – you can read it here – in a new tab so you don’t lose your place.)

2.   The Right People

happy peopleWho do you hang out with?

If the people around you are wallowing in negativity, they’ll drag you down too. Get away from these “energy vampires”, whether they’re friends, family, social media connections, work colleagues or clients. If they thrive on drama, gossip or complaining, they’re not the right people to be around.

Choose to be with positive people with high ideals, shared philosophy and conscious ambitions. Choose to be with yaysayers, not naysayers. Choose to be with people who support you and your purpose, vision and goals. Their positive focus on your intentions will add high-octane fuel to accelerate your manifestation.

3.   Avoid Mainstream Media

no fearThe goal of the mainstream media is to indoctrinate and generate fear and distract us from the pursuit of happiness. The news distorts the truth and fails to report the reality of the world we live in in order to perpetuate the illusion. In the US particularly, the mainstream media’s programs and ads are filled with subliminal messages too. There’s plenty of evidence to prove this if you look for it… but use neutrality and don’t get bogged down in the problem!!

So, switch off the TV or be very selective about what you watch. Seek out uplifting movies or channels such as Gaiam TV on the internet. Tune in to your response to whatever you’re watching and if you get that sinking feeling, it means your vibrational frequency is dropping, so switch over to something that makes you feel good or, even better, GREAT!

4.   Listen to Music

listen to musicMusic is one of the most effective ways of raising your vibrational frequency and making you feel positive – as long as it’s not the blues!!

If you need a boost, listen to your favorite artist or genre and sing or dance along to the music. Whether it has a great beat or a great message, as long as it has the feel-good factor you’ll quickly feel on a high.

If you’re doing a job you don’t particularly enjoy, or your mind keeps dragging you into negative thoughts, grab your MP3 player, pop in the earbuds and get grooving. It really works!

5.   Train Your Brain

neural networksWhen a negative thought pops into your head, switch your mind immediately to something positive. If you feel sad, think of something that makes you happy: puppies, kittens, babies, your loved ones or whatever is your particular “happy thing”.

If you’re worried or afraid, switch your mind to a memory of overcoming a big challenge or a major achievement.

If you find yourself dwelling on your problems, think instead of all the possible solutions or the outcome that you want.

The more you practice switching off the negative thoughts, the more you train your brain to think only positive thoughts and focus on positive outcomes. You then become a magnet for more positive things to come to you and you have less and less cause to feel negative.

6.   Get Out in Nature

barefoot groundingConnecting with nature is very therapeutic and a great way of recalibrating your energy and the focus of your thoughts and feelings. Even if you live in a city, there are parks you can go to and feel the grass beneath your feet and reconnect with Mother Earth.

There are many physical health benefits from grounding by getting into direct contact with the Earth, even for just a few minutes – you can read an article about this at Natural News.

As well as the physical benefits there are also huge emotional benefits from being in nature. Taking in the beauty of nature is very uplifting. Look at the scenery, listen to the sound of water running over rocks, the calls of birds, the buzz of insects, the rustle of leaves and so on. The sound of silence is also very calming. We recently visited Mount Rainier National Park, and standing amongst the trees and feeling the atmosphere of peace and serenity was profoundly uplifting.

If you’ve been attacked by one of the “energy vampires” I mentioned earlier, hug a tree. The calm slow energy of trees counteracts the grating energy from a close encounter with a negative person. Ask permission of the tree before you move into its energy field as everything in the Universe has consciousness; even the Earth itself.

Ask Mother Earth/Gaia to help you release negative energy and visualize it draining from your body into the ground to be neutralized.

7. Exercise

exercise for positivityWhether it’s going for a walk or a run (and if you can do that in nature, even better), yoga, pilates, dancing, riding (a bike or a horse), a trip to the gym, a game of tennis (or whatever sport you enjoy), exercise is a great mood lifter.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about how and why exercise affects mood, but in this article by the American Psychological Association, Michael Otto, PhD, a professor of psychology at Boston University is quoted as saying “The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong. Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.”

So jump up and get your mojo working!

8. Meditate

meditationAccording to Martina Luongo, meditation

      • Increases positive emotions
  • Increases life satisfaction
  • Increases memory
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases social connection

… as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Read Martina’s article on the Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today to find out more.

Like anything worth doing, it takes regular practice to get yourself into a meditative state quickly and easily, but just a few minutes of quiet time each day can keep you positive, get you in touch with your higher self and guides, and deliver inspired ideas to get you moving towards your manifestation goals.

I’d say that’s worth it, don’t you agree?

If you’re starting out, using guided meditations can help. I love the channeled meditations (with awesome music) at orindaben.com. They have a wealth of free meditations you can download to put on your phone or mp3 player, some as short as 5 minutes. You can also find lots of guided meditations on YouTube.

9. Get Inspired!

get inspired

If you find yourself drifting into old habits of negative thinking (and that’s normal because of how the brain works), or you’re going through a challenging time in your life, find something that inspires and motivates you to get back on track. It could be reading a favorite book, listening to an audio tape or speaking to a friend who is positive or inspirational.

Something I find particularly encouraging is listening to stories of how other people overcame huge challenges or obstacles and succeeded through faith and determination. All of the big achievers had times of hardship when they could have given up, but they soldiered on and achieved their life’s ambitions BECAUSE of the challenges, not despite them. It’s the challenges that make us strong.

Whatever you choose to inspire you, always remember that nothing is impossible and that YOU can do it TOO!

10. Pamper Yourself

pamper yourselfSometimes we just need to take some ME time and pamper ourselves. Do something deliciously relaxing. The pace of life is so fast these days that we can get burned out and that’s when our vibrational frequency drops and those negative thoughts can take hold.

One of the easiest ways to pamper yourself is to take a nice relaxing bath. Add some Epsom salts to ease away any aches and pains, and lavender oil for soothing, relaxing and balancing. Light some candles and play some background music; the kind you’d use for relaxation or meditation. Then just lie back and soak.

Treat yourself to a massage, have a reflexology session, Reiki energy healing… these are just a few suggestions. Do whatever will make you feel good and ENJOY it.

I know I said 10 ways, but I love to over-deliver and inspiration struck as I was looking for the images for this post. So here are two more suggestions for you…

11. Get Creative

get creativeImmerse yourself in something creative, like writing, painting, sculpting, needlework, woodwork… something that will achieve a tangible result. Being ‘in the flow’ and ‘in the zone’ is one of the key factors in creating a happy life. You are completely ‘in the moment’, lose all sense of time, tune out everything in your external environment and have complete concentration.

Plus the thrill of holding your creation in your hands is sure to raise your vibrational frequency.

12. Be Grateful

be gratefulWe take so much for granted and can get stuck in dwelling on what we don’t have rather than what we do have in abundance. This is a sure fire way to lower your vibrational frequency and manifest the opposite of what you want to create in your life.

Think of all the ways you are blessed – with physical health, great relationships, your home, family, vehicle, pets… everything in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and read through it when you’re feeling down to remind yourself how blessed you are.

Cut Out the Cause

So I’ve given you a bunch of ways you can stay positive and raise your vibrational frequency. The best way of all to stay positive is to avoid the situations that trigger the negative thoughts and feelings – tackle the cause not the symptoms.

Take action on the changes you need to make whether it is your work, relationships, where you live or whatever your particular triggers are so that it becomes easier and easier to stay in that place of love, joy, peace and abundance and manifest everything good and great in your life.

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Jan Shaw – The Success Alchemist, is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach, Success Strategist, Mindset & Manifestation Mentor. She delivers intuitive guidance, spiritual and metaphysical teaching, plus practical life and business success strategies, to support you in fulfilling your Soul Mission and Life Purpose and achieving your highest potential.

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