Creating the UNSTOPPABLE You

Discover the 3 Essential Elements for Purpose-Driven SUCCESS in Life & Business



Become your most MAGNIFICENT self

Fulfill Your PURPOSE and Make a Difference

Your UNIQUE purpose is a TREASURE to share with the world

Step into your power as a CONSCIOUS CREATOR

Experience the MAGIC & MIRACLES when you work with the Laws of the Universe

You don't know what you're capable of until you TRY

Don’t let FEAR and SELF-DOUBT stop you from achieving your DREAMS

Reach your HIGHEST Potential

Manifest the BIG VISION for Your Life

I will help you achieve your dreams of Unstoppable Success

Are you searching for meaning and direction, dissatisfied with your level of success, or looking to create a successful heart-centered business?

Are you living the values you believe in?
Are you doing the things that you really believe are important?
Are you sacrificing your freedom and giving your power away?
Are you settling for less than you desire and deserve?
Are you holding on to negative emotions from past experiences?
Are you letting self-doubt and limiting beliefs get in your way?

The time is NOW to step into your power, live your truth, fulfill your purpose and create a life of happiness and prosperity. Spirit is calling you!

Are YOU ready to let go of limitation and Breakthrough to Brilliance to create UNSTOPPABLE success in life and business that’s in complete alignment with your life purpose and soul mission, feeds your SOUL and enables you to live a life of prosperity and fulfillment without compromising your vision and values?

Dream Achievers Success Kit

Dream Achievers Success Kit

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What that means:

  • Blossoming into the powerful creator you really are.
  • Letting go of inner baggage that no longer serves you.
  • Celebrating and expanding your natural skills.
  • Building unshakable self-confidence.
  • Developing a BIG vision that inspires you to succeed.
  • Achieving life transformations that push the boundaries of possibility.
  • Learning how to manifest the life of your dreams.
  • Having the self-confidence to make smart choices.
  • Learning and applying powerful proven success strategies.
  • Developing meaningful relationships that bring you joy.
  • Reaching your highest potential in life & business.
  • Loving yourself!
  • Fulfilling your purpose and creating an amazing life.

If you’re ready, start by downloading my FREE Dream Achievers Success Kit.

Jan Shaw IS The Success Alchemist

Hi! My name is Jan Shaw, and I’m known as The Success Alchemist because I offer an unbeatable combination of Mindset, Strategy, and Manifestation to help you create Unstoppable Success in life and business.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in business and marketing and having studied personality, NLP, psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality, as a certified life and executive coach I provide a holistic and integrated approach to life and business.

As a coach, mentor, trainer, and writer with a wealth of business and life experience and a record of stepping boldly outside the box to achieve the impossible, I can help you succeed in creating the life you’ve been dreaming of but haven’t yet achieved. I am a creative ideas person with innovative ways of helping you achieve your goals and the big vision for your life.


Develop the mindset for success by clearing your inner blocks, awakening your unshakable self-confidence and exploring your life and soul purpose in a safe and supportive environment.


Learn and implement powerful business and marketing strategies that will grow your business and create prosperity and fulfillment as you achieve your highest potential with passion and purpose.


Learn how to harness Universal Laws to manifest the success you desire in life and business using an approach that goes way beyond the simplistic Law of Attraction and delivers real results.

Who is this for?

Visionary Entrepreneurs

You have a vision for a business that will make a real difference, help people and change the world. Your business is your passion and failure is not an option. As you develop your business, you develop yourself. Your LIFE purpose is also your SOUL purpose.

Change Makers

You KNOW what’s going on in the world right now isn’t right and you have a vision for how you want it to change. You feel compelled to be a part of the change and want to join with others to create this new way of living. Whether you are a healer, speaker, author, trainer or mentor YOU are a vital agent for change.

Spiritual Seekers

You’re changing. You’ve become acutely aware that the conventional view of ‘normal life’ isn’t working for the world and isn’t working for you. You feel compelled to find a new way of living that acknowledges and responds to the inner urges of your spirit and fulfills your life purpose and soul mission.

Discover the secrets to UNSTOPPABLE SUCCESS in LIFE & BUSINESS.

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One can go to higher profile speakers and only hope to get what Jan teaches. If you truly desire to become empowered in your life, and manifest your goals and dreams, then you should take her program.

“When it comes to understanding manifestation, this program leaves no stone unturned.  Jan is going to change the lives of many people.”

There is no possible way in words I can recommend this program highly enough! You must experience it for yourself! You truly owe it to yourself to live a life of Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance! It’s not only possible, it’s probable!

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