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The 7 Keys to Empowerment

Unless you’re clear on what empowerment means how will you know whether or not you’ve achieved it?
By empowering your approach to life you’ll develop your power to manifest the outcomes you want rather than manifesting what you don’t want.

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Empowerment And The Truth About Cancer

Empowerment means making conscious choices to create the outcome you want and depends on having accurate information in order to make the right choices, especially when it affects your health.

For the last week, Bill and I have been immersed in watching a documentary series “The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest” which is produced by Ty Bollinger who lost his parents to cancer within a short time of each other and has made it his mission to find out the truth about cancer and the most effective treatments for it.

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Feeling stuck with manifester’s block?

So you’ve nailed your mission and purpose. You’re putting things out there. You’ve started taking inspired action, but you’re not seeing results.

You feel like you’re wading through treacle and not getting the messages from Spirit to guide you along the way.

Don’t despair!

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Living Mindfully in the Face of Fear

Bill and I were guests on a local Seattle Radio Station last Friday, on the Lift Your Spirits Show with Dena Marie. (You can listen to the archive at http://1150kknw.com/lift-your-spirits-archives/). We had a lovely chat before and after the show with the guest host Ann Dorn who produces the Seattle Natural Awakenings magazine, and after the show she told me about how the article about the threat of a major earthquake in the Pacific North West in New Yorker magazine was creating a tsunami of fear in the local people. She was planning an article on how to deal with fear and asked me to contribute a short piece on the subject.

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